Truth of Immortality | Mir4 Request

A quick guide on how to complete the truth of immortality Request on mir4.

Embark on a thrilling quest to uncover the truth of immortality in Mir4. In this guide, we will provide you with essential tips on completing the quest. Your objective is to find and collect 50 pieces of Angelica Herbs in four major maps in Mir4.


Before undertaking this quest, ensure that you have completed the Grave Canyon Soul Mission Quest at [Elite]Redmoon Mountain.

  • Open Treasure Chest 75pcs

Request Clue:

“These mystical herbs are known as Angelic Herbs and can be found in rural villages, forests, or atop high mountain peaks. Obtain them for me, and in return, I will reward you generously.”

Where can I Find the “Truth of Immortality” Quest in Mir4?

To initiate the Truth of Immortality quest, seek out the NPC Guh Munsoeng <Seongryeol>. Unlike other quests, there is no auto-move feature for this one, so you will have to locate her manually.

Guh Munseong can be found on the East side of Heavens Way Peak Lower Level. See the map below for her exact location.

Heaven's Way Peak Lower Level  NPC  Guh Munsoeng Location

Angelica Herbs Locations:

  • Ginkgo Valley
  • Bicheon Town
  • Crystalline Forest
  • Crystalline Mountain

Here are the specific spawn locations for Angelica Herbs in these four areas. Please note that after gathering the herbs, they will respawn in 30 minutes. Waiting for the respawn is not advisable since you need 50 pieces, and completing the quest would take approximately 25 hours.

In addition, Angelica Herbs can also appear in hills and unexpected locations, requiring you to thoroughly inspect the surrounding areas in order to locate them.

Ginkgo Valley Location

Ginkgo Valley Angelica Herbs Location

Bicheon Town Location

Bicheon Town Angelica Herbs Location

Crystalline Forest Location

Crystalline Forest Angelica Herbs Location

Crystalline Mountain Location

Crystalline Mountain Angelica Herbs Location

Truth of Immorality Quest Rewards

  • 400pcs Life Elixer
  • 63, 200 Copper Coins
  • 121, 340 Exp Points