Tantra Online: 2nd Job Guide

Step-by-Step Guide on how to complete 2nd job Quest | Tantra Online

Tantra Online is a captivating MMO game, that was been developed and published by HanbitSoft. The game is inspired by Hindu mythology, where you can choose to worship one of the three powerful gods: Brahma, Shiva, and Vishnu.

In Tantra Online, choosing a tribe is just the beginning of your journey. To fully unlock the potential of the tribe you have selected, you must complete the 2nd job change quest.

Additionally, Tantra Online has eight classes available for players to choose from, each with unique skills and abilities. In this guide, we will walk you through the process of 2nd job quest, helping you to successfully complete the quest and select the job specialization that best fits your playstyle.

Tantra 2nd Job Prerequisite:

Tantra First Job Change Quest
  1. You must be at least level 45
  2. Complete the Main Quest’s First Job Change
  3. Have a God chosen for (Druka, Abikara, Banar, and Nakayuda)

Second Job Change

  1. Move to Jina and talk to Elder Zangzu
  2. Choose the Job that you desired
  3. Then Pass the 3 tests for the second job change and return to Zangzu.
  4. After you’ve completed the 3 tests deliver the following 3 materials(Piece of Paper, Friend Named Cloth, Handle of Broken Sword / Blood Cloth) to Elder Zangzu at Jina Village.

Test 1: Test of Wisdom

  1. Go to Storehouse Keeper Zongkui at Jina Village.
  2. Next is talk to Moriya of Anu Village (Shambala)
  3. Answer all 20 questions Moriya asks you
  4. After successfully answering all of Moriya’s questions move to Jina and talk to Storehouse Keeper Zongkui.

Moriya Question and Answer:

  • QA1. – Vartan
  • QA2. – 10 People
  • QA3. – Indra
  • QA4. – Nagamudra Hima
  • QA5. – 5050
  • QA6. – Apvas
  • QA7. – Exile
  • QA8. – 1432 People
  • QA9. – Ananga Dvanta
  • QA10. – Armita
  • QA11. – 44 Percent
  • QA12. – Shambala
  • QA13. – 8 King War
  • QA14. – 15
  • QA15. – Himayuga
  • QA16. – Vananta
  • QA17. – 6
  • QA18. – 8 King Castle
  • QA19. – Chaturanga
  • QA20. – 1/126

Note: Make sure to answer it correctly, when you have an incorrect answer you need to hunt 20 Anangas as consequence.

Test 2: Test of Justice

  1. Go to Defense Salesman Wangddaopo at Jina Village
  2. Next move to Mandara, form a party and get rid of the troublemaker at Coliseum.
  3. Then go back to Salesman Wangddaopo at Jina Village.

Test 1A: Test of Destruction

(Banar, Druka, Abikara, and Nakayuda)

  1. Go to Fighting Monk Iddungddashu at Jina Village.
  2. Move to Shambala and fin Hero Amar
  3. Find and Eliminate 2 scouts of other Gods in Kruma and collect their military tags.
  4. Then move back to Monk Iddungddashu at Jina Village.

Test 1B: Test of Patience

(Karya, Samabat, Vidya, and Satya)

  1. Go to Weapon Salesman Ouyez at Jina Village
  2. Hunt the ingreadients required:
    • Moon Cow’s Horns – Ban Gosu (Pamir Plains)
    • Strapped Leather – Byokbo (Jina Village)
    • Bowstring Tendon – Sobariung Guso (Pamir)
    • Glue Cell – Mangriang (Jina Village)
    • Test of Patience Loot
  3. Report back to Salesman Ouyez at Jina Village
  4. Move to Shambala and get 10 thick strings from Saranu
  5. Then report back to Salesman Ouyez

8 Classes in Tantra Online:

Asura and Rakshasa Tribe

Druka – A stealthy assassin-type class in Tantra Online, capable of sneaking up on unsuspecting opponents and delivering a fatal backstab. They are equipped with dual daggers or a sword and dagger combination, making them lethal in close combat. Druka relies heavily on their stealth skills, allowing them to move undetected and launch surprise attacks on their enemies.

Karya – a class of archers or marksmen in Tantra Online, known for their deadly long-ranged arrow attacks. They are experts in dealing with damage from afar, making them a valuable asset in battles where the range is key.

Deva and Garuda Tribe

Abikara – is a powerful class of mages in Tantra Online, feared for their devastating magic powers. Abikara class has access to a wide range of spells and abilities that can decimate even the toughest opponents.

Samabat – is a unique mage class that has the ability to summon Dadati to aid them in battle. These summon can deal enough damage to enemies and serve as powerful allies on the battlefield. In addition to their summoning abilities, Samabat players are also known for their support buffs, making them an ideal choice for large-scale PvP battles.

Yaksa and Gandharva Tribe

Vidya –  is an essential class in PVP battles. They are a full support class type that provides numerous offensive and defensive buffs to all party members. This makes them vital to any team looking to dominate in battles. Vidya’s healing capabilities are also remarkable, allowing them to keep their allies alive and well during intense battles.

Nakayuda – is a close-range combat class in Tantra Online, known for their exceptional skill in using battle claws inspired by Kung Fu masters. They can deal devastating critical damage to their opponents. Additionally, Nakayuda is equipped with powerful buffs that can enhance their combat abilities, allowing them to become even more effective on the battlefield.

Naga and Kimnara Tribe

Banar – This class is a formidable close-range combat class that possesses decent defense capabilities. They are typically armed with a two-handed spear or battle axe. One of the most feared skills of the Banar is their stun, which can leave their opponents vulnerable to follow-up attacks.

Satya –  A formidable tank class in Tantra Online that excels at absorbing massive amounts of damage from enemies. They have a high amount of HP, making them the perfect candidate for soaking up damage in group battles or raids. Satya also possesses a powerful buff that can reduce the damage received by half, making them even more resilient against enemy attacks. Their supportive capabilities don’t stop there, as they can also provide helpful buffs to their allies to further enhance their survivability.