Secret Peak Full Guide and Map Exploration | Mir4

This Secret Peak Map Guide provides concise information about hunting bosses and their respawn times. Mining Darksteel and other resources that spawn in this area, as well as its location.

The secret Peak map is one of the special maps available on mir4 online; you will be able to access this once you reach level 32. Inside this map, you can engage in a variety of activities such as experience grinding, boss hunting, mining, and gathering. Typically, players will go boss hunting and gathering resources; however, keep in mind that the secret peak is an open PVP map, with the only safe zone being where the NPCs are located. If your guild has an ongoing war with another guild, I don’t recommend leveling up here because AFK experience grinding is unlikely. When entering this map, expect a high volume of players on a daily basis.

You got two entry tickets daily, and you can get one more if you reach level 13 Millennial Tree Conquest. After exhausting your free ticket, you can still have the option to extend using a gold or secret peak ticket.

Secret Peak Floor PS Requirement

Secret Peak FloorPower ScoreMonster Level
1F7,90025 – 40
2F27,00045 – 55
3F40,00060 – 70
4F48,00075 – 85
5F53,00090 – 100
6F67,000105 – 115
7F108,000120 – 130
8F118,000135 – 145
9F146,000150 – 160

1. Secret Peak Best leveling spot

Secret peak has a lot of good spots for character leveling, mostly these spots are an area where aggressive monster resides. The more aggressive monster in the area the better pool of experience.

Secret Peak Leveling Spot

2. Secret Peak Boss Hunting and Respawn Time

Boss hunting is an excellent way to use your secret peak ticket, Players mainly fight for these bosses to monopolize loot boxes. These bosses typically have respected spawn time, knowing what time bosses respawn may help you maximize your time efficiently.

Secret Peak Boss Respawn Time

Boss respawn time is the same from 1F floor to 9F floor

Boss Monster IconBoss TypeRespawn Time
3 Player Boss30 minutes after eliminated
5 Player Boss1 hour after eliminated
10 Player Boss01:00, 04:00, 07:00, 10:00
13:00, 16:00, 19:00, 22:00
Fixed respawn time

Secret Peak Boss Summoning

You can also summon bosses by visiting NPCs inside the secret peak, which allows you to craft summoning badges. After crafting you can summon these badges in their designated summoning area.

Secret Peak Summoning Badge

To locate the location where you can summon your badges. Open your map and navigate to Demon Spawn Point which matches the boss name on your summoning badge.

Secret Peak Demon Spawn Point

What benefits can I get from boss hunting?

The rewards for boss hunting vary depending on the type of boss monster you hunt. This drop typically contains promotional materials, rare to epic materials, skill tomes, and other craftable materials that can be exchanged for other useful items in-game. You might get lucky and obtain epic to legendary items simply just by hunting bosses.

3. Secret Peak Mining and Gathering

Many of these resources spawn at secret peak, ranging from uncommon to legendary. These resources can be found all over this map. Searching and mapping to gather these resources can be time-consuming, as you must typically memorize each spawn location and time respawn. Some of these spawn at the top of the hills, while others spawn in unexpected places.

1F – 6F Darksteel, Energy, Gathering, and Mining Spawn Locations

Secret Peak 1F - 6F Darksteel, Energy, Gathering, and  Mining Respawn Location.

7F – 9F Darksteel, Energy, Gathering, and Mining Spawn Locations

Secret Peak 7F - 9F Darksteel, Energy, Gathering, and  Mining Respawn Location

What’s the use of this SOUL CRYSTAL?

Soul crystals are unique items you can loot from the secret peak. By hunting monsters around the area, boss hunting, and gathering.  Visit NPCs in each corner of the secret peak to see what useful items you are qualified to craft.

Soul Crystal can be exchanged for:

  1. Summoning Badge
  2. Potions enhancement stone
  3. Spirit Treasure
  4. Magic Stone
  5. Glittering Powder
  6. Inner Force Pills

Secret Peak Best Strategies

Before entering the secret peak, it is best if you have a goal in mind. If you only intend to mine resource nodes. Going to the highest floor possible is recommended because it provides a much higher gain of energy and dark steel. However, If you want to level up by grinding experience, choose a floor with the same monster level as you.

Now, for boss hunting, it’s much better if you hunt in a group, but if you want to go solo, just go to the secret peak floors 10 levels below you. The reason for this is that you can take down the boss much faster and avoid clashes with other players who are planning to steal the boss’s chest.

It is also advantageous for the players to be aware of the boss respawn time, as well as the locations of available resources that spawn at secret peak.