RF Online Item Combination Guide

Here's a fantastic combination guide to help you advance as RF Online player.

This guide will offer comprehensive instructions on how to craft Jetpacks by detailing the necessary Crafting Materials and their corresponding item combinations, along with respective combination fees. Furthermore, the guide will delve into the various types of ExelSiars, Talic crystals, and explain how they can be converted into race currency.

Jetpack Level 40

  • 1pc Bag
  • 1pc Olive ExelSiar Type A / B / C
  • 1pc Talic of Choice
  • 99pcs Gli
  • 99pcs Beam
  • Combination Fee of 22M for Type C / 15M for Type B / 9M for Type A ExelSiar

Jetpack Level 50

  • 1pc Bag
  • 1pc Talic of Choice
  • 5pcs Olive ExelSiar Type A / B / C
  • 99pcs Gli
  • 99pcs Beam
  • Combination Fee of 30M for Type C / 20M for Type B / 12M for Type A ExelSiar

Jetpack Talic Stats Effect

  • SacredFire Talic for Fire Resistance
  • Belief Talic for Water Resistance
  • Guard Talic for Earth Resistance
  • Glory Talic For Wind Resistance
  • Chaos Talic for Anti-crit (Recommended)
  1. You can purchase the Bag from the TOOL NPC.
  2. Beam and Gli can be obtained by defeating Calliana and Assassin Builder.
  3. Olive ExelSiar can be dropped by any monster.
  4. Type C, B and A ExelSiar can be acquired through Crafting.

Note: It’s important to note that crafting a Jetpack doesn’t guarantee a 100% success rate. There is a possibility of failure, which can result in the loss of materials and the combination fee. To improve the likelihood of success, it’s advisable to use a Type C Exelsiar since it has the highest success rate when combined.

ExelSiar Crafting

Crafting Type C ExcelSiar
  1. 10pcs ExelSiar of Choice + 5pcs  Silver Catalysts + 2pcs Gold Catalysts = Type A ExelSiar
  2. 15pcs ExelSiar of Choice + 12pcs  Silver Catalysts + 5pcs Gold Catalysts = Type B ExelSiar
  3. 30pcs ExelSiar of Choice + 20pcs  Silver Catalysts + 10pcs Gold Catalysts = Type C ExelSiar

ExelSiar Combination Fee – 100K Race Currency

Talic Crystal

Talic crystals are crucial crafting materials in RF Online that are used to create superior armor, relic weapons, and other powerful items. These crystals can be obtained by combining various types of talics through the Talic Collector NPC.

You can craft Talic Crystal by Placing 20 pieces of any talic through TALIC COLLECTOR NPC.

Talic to Race Currency

Talic crystals have another great use, which is exchanging them for race currency. If you have extra talic that you don’t plan on using and need racial currency, this is an excellent option. You can exchange any kind of talic for race currency, making it a convenient way to acquire the instant currency you need.

  1. To combine, put one piece of talic and one piece of gold catalyst through the Hero NPC.
  2. 100% success rate and no combination fee.
  3. Upon Combination you will get a CHIP.
  4. The CHIP can then be sold at any NPC for instant racial currency.

Note: The value of each CHIP varies depending on the type of talic used in the combination. In addition, the tax rate of your respective race also plays a role in determining the value of the CHIP.

Red Chip

  • 4-5 Million Value
  • Keen Talic / Favor Talic

Blue Chip

  • 2-3 Million Value
  • Restoration Talic

Orange Chip

  • 1 -2 Million Value
  • Grace Talic / Darkness Talic / Mercy Talic

Yellow Chip

  • 500k – 1 Million Value
  • SacredFire Talic / Chaos Talic / Glory Talic / Guard Talic
  • Wisdom Talic / Hatred Talic / Belief Talic / Destruction Talic