Mir4 Taoist Build Guide | Want to Build the Best Taoist Mir4?

Are you interested in playing Mir4 as a Taoist character but unsure about how to build your character? Look no further! This guide will provide you with the necessary information to create a customized Taoist build that perfectly suits your desired playstyle.

Taoist healers in Mir4 hold a unique and indispensable role. Armed with potent restorative abilities, they are the lifelines of any adventuring party or raid. The main role of Taoists is to ensure the survival and success of their group by providing essential support, protection, and even resurrecting fallen comrades.

In addition to their healing prowess, Taoists often exhibit a remarkable sense of battle, and adaptability in responding to the ever-changing needs of their team.

Taoists are also capable of powerful melee combat, with exceptional sword skills not only do they possess great healing and defense they can be deadly in PVP combat if you know the right build and skills to operate as a powerful Taoist.

First, let’s talk about the Pros and Cons of being Taoists in-game so that you can be aware of trials you may encounter along your journey.


  1. Has the ability to keep their teammates alive and can often save the day in difficult battles.
  2. They are often prioritized in group raid boss and boss raids, which can lead to faster raid missions and better gear rewards.
  3. They can be very rewarding to play, as you see your actions’ direct impact on your teammates.


  1. Can be stressful to play, as you are responsible for keeping your teammates alive.
  2. They can be boring to play if you don’t enjoy the role of a support class.
  3. Can be difficult to level up solo, as they often lack damage-dealing abilities.

1. Taoist Burst Build (Full DPS)

This preferred build, prioritizes attack over support, although it can also fulfill a support role in larger party battles. However, it lacks the defensive capabilities necessary to withstand heavy damage.

Weapon, Armor, and Accessories

Sacred Treasure SwordSacred Treasure Sword
Exorcism Fly-WhiskExorcism Fly-Whisk
Pakua RobePakua Robe
Pakua Robe LowerPakua Robe Lower
Pakua Robe GlovesPakua Robe Gloves
Pakua BootsPakua Boots
Lunisolar NecklaceLunisolar Necklace
Lunisolar BraceletLunisolar Bracelet
Lunisolar RingLunisolar Ring
Fallen Sun EarringFallen Sun Earring

Equipment Enchant Priority:

  1. Debilitation Success Boost
  2. Debilitation Resist Boost
  3. Knockdown Resist Boost

Taoist Spirit Guide (Burst Full DPS)

Golden Bird SuparnaGolden Bird Suparna
Thunder Beast BaratanThunder Beast Baratan
White Peacock CrystalglassWhite Peacock Crystalglass
Lucky Cat LucksterLucky Cat Luckster
Soul Harvester ReaperSoul Harvester Reaper

Spirit Treasure

Mana Crystal SealMana Crystal (Debilitation Success Boost)
Viperbeast Chief's Bloody Inverted ScaleViper Queen’s Inverted Scale (Debilitation RES Boost)
Shining Millennial Fruit LeafShining Millennial Fruit Leaf (Skill HP Recovery Am’t Boost)

Codex Priority

  1. Physical Attack
  2. Spell Attack
  3. Accuracy
  4. Crit
  5. CRIT ATK DMG Boost
  6. Skill Attack DMG Boost
  7. Skill Cooldown Reduction

Magic Stone

  • Magic Stone of Destruction (CRIT ATK DMG Boost)
  • Magic Stone of Awakening (All ATK DMG Boost)
  • Magic Stone of Vigor (HP increase)

Sub Stats Recommended

  1. All ATK DMG Boost
  2. Bash DMG Boost
  3. CRIT ATK DMG Boost
  4. Accuracy
  5. CRIT

2. Taoist Full Reduct and Evasion Build

The main key for this kind of build is a robust defense. To fulfill this role efficiently, you need to possess formidable defensive capabilities that can sustain a barrage of damage and support the party effectively. Nevertheless, the main drawback of adopting this build is the considerable difficulty it presents when it comes to leveling up.

Weapon, Armor, and Accessories

Nahyun's SwordNahyun’s Sword
White Lotus Fly-WhiskWhite Lotus Fly-Whisk
Trustbuilding RobeTrustbuilding Robe
Trustbuilding Robe LowerTrustbuilding Robe Lower
Trustbuilding Robe GlovesTrustbuilding Robe Gloves
Trustbuilding BootsTrustbuilding Boots
Fallen Sun NecklaceFallen Sun Necklace
Fallen Sun BraceletFallen Sun Bracelet
Fallen Sun Ring
Lunisolar EarringsLunisolar Earrings

Equipment Enchant Priority

  • Debilitation Resist Boost
  • Knockdown Resist Boost

Taoist Spirit Guide (Full Reduct and Eva Build)

Verdant Watcher GargasVerdant Watcher Gargas
Lucky Cat LucksterLucky Cat Luckster
Thunder Beast BaratanThunder Beast Baratan
Spring Messenger YobiSpring Messenger Yobi
Dark Ice Demon NerrDark Ice Demon Nerr

Spirit Treasure

Five Dragon God HuskFive Dragon God Husk (Knockdown RES Boost)
Viperbeast Chief's Bloody Inverted ScaleViper Queen’s Inverted Scale (Debilitation RES Boost)
Shining Millennial Fruit LeafShining Millennial Fruit Leaf (Skill HP Recovery Am’t Boost)

Codex Priority

  1. Physical Attack
  2. Spell Attack
  3. Physical DEF
  4. Spell DEF
  5. Skill Cooldown Reduction
  6. CRIT DMG Reduct
  7. Bash DMG Reduct

Magic Stone

  • Magic Stone of Vigor (HP Increase)

Sub Stats Recommended

  1. HP Increase
  2. Bash DMG Reduction
  3. CRIT DMG Reduction
  4. All DMG Reduction
  5. Skill DMG Reduction

Taoist Skills Combo Guide

Now, let’s explore the wide range of skills that a Taoist character in Mir4 possesses. Taoists have access to two healing spells and two party buffs that can be shared with their allies. The focus of the Taoist’s skill set leans more towards support rather than direct attack abilities. This means that your offensive capabilities may be somewhat limited, which is fair if you ask me.

 However, despite this, Taoists are still capable of inflicting significant damage with their remaining attack skills. In my opinion, Taoists are the easiest characters to play due to their straightforward attack combination pattern.

Taoist Debilitation Skills:

  1. Moonlight Orb
  2. Moonlight Wave

Taoist Bash Damage Skills:

  1. Piercing Blades
  2. Sunbeam Sword
  3. Rain of Blades
  4. Soaring Slash

Taoist Skill Combination

Taoist Debilitation and Bash damage skill combo
  1. Moonlight Wave > Piercing Blades > Sunbeam Sword
  2. Moonlight Orb > Soaring Slash > Rain of Blades

Taoist Healing Skills

  1. Heal
    • 100% remove Debilitation-type debuff and 50% chance on party members
    • Able to use even when Silenced and Dispel Silenced from your party members
  2. Greater Heal
    • Invincible for 3 sec
    • Able to use when Silenced
    • Able to use when Stunned
    • Resurrect Party member
  3. Ray of Light (Ultimate Skill)
    • Invincible for 3 sec after casting
    • Recover set amount of 20% HP for you and party members

Note: All this stat was based on tier 8 Skills for reference.

Quick tip:

The Greater Heal and Ray of Light skills grant a 3-second invincibility effect, making them ideal choices when faced with a relentless onslaught of opponent’s skills. By executing these abilities with impeccable timing, especially when countering ultimate skills or burst damage, you have the ability to effectively nullify their attacks. Utilizing these abilities in such a manner provides a significant advantage.

Here is an example of Taoist’s flow of combination skills in PVP. See the diagram picture below.

Taoist Skills Combination PVP Guide

Please note that I have not included the healing skills, as it is ultimately your decision to determine when to utilize them.


When it comes to character builds, Taoists have the freedom to choose their preferred approach. The Burst Build is designed to maximize DPS, focusing on specific weapons, armor, accessories, and enchantments that enhance attack stats. On the other hand, the Reduction and Evasion Build emphasizes defensive capabilities, prioritizing debilitation resistance, knockdown resistance, and damage reduction. These build options allow players to customize their Taoists to align with their desired playstyle.

 Additionally, it is crucial to familiarize yourself with the skills of the Taoist character to effectively fulfill your role as a support class. By understanding and mastering these skills, you can become a valuable asset to your team.