Mir4: Ice Crystal Farming Guide

Complete and detailed guide of Farming Ice Crystal in Mir4.

Ice Crystal is the main material for crafting Dragon Artifacts, this valuable material is essential for crafting Dragon Artifacts, which not only increases your power score but also provides a significant boost to your overall stats.

In fact, you need 100 pieces of Rare Ice Crystal or 1,000 pieces of uncommon Ice Crystal to craft a rare Dragon Artifact.

Obtaining Ice Crystal can be quite challenging as it requires patience and perseverance. However, crafting your first Dragon Artifact with Ice Crystal that you’ve gathered is a truly rewarding experience that will make all your hard work feel worthwhile.

Mining, gathering, and completing certain quests are some of the ways to obtain Ice Crystal in Mir4. These quests may be difficult, yet they offer an excellent opportunity to obtain Ice Crystal and other valuable items. Keep an eye out for quest rewards that include Ice Crystal as a reward.

It’s important to note that this is among the most difficult materials to obtain in the Mir4 game, so be prepared for a difficult journey to get your first dragon artifact.

1. Mining Ore and Herb Gathering

For players below level 90 looking for an easy way to acquire Ice Crystal in Mir4, then mining ore and gathering herbs may be your best bet.

You’ll need to visit special maps like Secret Peak and Magic Square 5F and above, which are dedicated to dropping Ice Crystals. Mining and Herb gathering in these special maps, you’ll mostly get Uncommon Ice Crystal, but with a stroke of luck, you can obtain Rare Ice Crystals too.

Mining and Gathering in Secret Peak Mir4

When gathering or mining in these special maps, it’s recommended to prioritize Rare, Epic, and Legendary nodes, as they typically have a higher drop rate of Ice Crystal.

2. Domination Quest(Weekly)

Doing your weekly (Gatherers and Miners Request) quest in Domination Area is an excellent resource for farming Ice Crystals.

To access Domination Area, you need to be at least level 90 and above.

Domination Area Ice Crystal Weekly Quest Mir4

This quest mainly requires you to mine ore 720 times, and gather herb 720 times. Upon completing the quest in Domination, you can receive an immediate 20pcs of Rare Ice Crystal.

3. Expedition Quest(Weekly)

To participate in the Expedition quest for Ice Crystal in Mir4, players must meet certain requirements. The first requirement is that you need to be at least level 70 and above to partake in the expedition. Second is that you must be a member of any of the top 20 clans on your server.

Expedition Quest Weekly Ice Crystal Mir4

The Expedition quest requires a ticket to enter, which can be purchased for 100,000 Darksteel at SHOP. Once you’ve got an Expedition ticket, you’ll be able to travel to and explore other servers in your region.

To obtain Ice Crystal during an Expedition quest, players should focus on the Expedition Quest that rewards Ice Crystal. Typically, these quest requires you to mine and gather Epic Nodes in Secret Peak maps from other servers.

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Bonus Tip:

Hell Raid and Clan Challenge also reward Ice Crystal but not 100%, It is random luck based.


Farming Ice Crystal may be a difficult task, but the rewards are well worth the effort. By following the right strategies and remaining patient, you can acquire enough Ice Crystal to craft Rare Dragon Artifacts and increase your Power Score.