Mir4: Glittering Powder Guide

Are you a Mir4 player looking to craft your first Epic equipment but struggling to accumulate enough Glittering Powder? If so, you're not alone.

Glittering Powder is a valuable crafting material used to create high-level armor, accessories, and weapons in the world of Mir4 game. Farming Glittering Powder can be a tedious and time-consuming task if don’t know where to hunt or the best ways to farm them.

Crafting Epic equipment alone requires a significant amount of Glittering Powder, precisely 12,500 pieces if you plan to craft you’re first Epic Gear starting from rare to epic materials.

In this guide, we will explore all the possible ways to earn Glittering Powder in Mir4, including materials you need for exchanges, shops where you can purchase it using specific coins, recommended quests, and other activities that reward glittering powder.

Therefore, we have compiled a comprehensive list of methods to obtain Glittering Powder to make your journey to crafting Epic equipment as smooth as possible.

1. Shard Exchange (Magic Square)

Shards are commonly dropped when you enter Magic Square. All chambers of Magic Square Drop different kinds of Shards, even if you’re mining, gathering herbs, and opening chests.

Regular monsters found in Magic Square also drop Shards, but with a lower chance of uncommon to epic quality. However, killing bosses and unique monsters in Magic Square yields a higher grade of Shards, with rare and epic grades dropping more frequently.

To optimize your chances of obtaining Shards, focus on killing bosses and unique monsters, and make sure to explore all chambers of Magic Square.

Magic Square Glittering Exchange

To exchange your SHARD loot Visit Stray Specter <Special Material Merchant> at the entrance of Magic Square.

  1. 30pcs of any kind Uncommon Shard > Rare Glittering Box
  2. 3pcs of any kind Rare Shards > Rare Glittering Box
  3. 5pcs of any kind Epic Shards> Epic Glittering Box

2. Soul Crystal Exchange (Secret Peak)

Soul Crystals are unique materials that can only be obtained in Secret Peak. These crystals can typically be obtained by defeating normal monsters.

If you’re looking to gather them faster, I recommend focusing your efforts on hunting unique monsters and Bosses that respawn in the area. You could also obtain Soul Crystal by Mining ore, Darksteel Mining, Energy gathering, and Herb gathering inside Secret Peak.

Secret Peak Glittering Exchange

To exchange your Soul Crystal Visit Leader <Raid Party> in Secret Peak.

  1. 5pcs of any kind Epic Soul Stone > Epic Glittering Box
  2. 3pcs of any kind Rare Soul Stone > Rare Glittering Box
  3. 30pcs of any kind Uncommon Soul Stone > Rare Glittering Box

3. Rare Blue Dragon Statue Exchange

You may have many Blue Dragon Statues that you may not even be aware of, or that you use solely for crafting other items. These statues are usually acquired as rewards from Raid Boss / Boss Raid in Mir4, and are a common drop from all bosses. They can also be exchanged for glittering powder, making them a great resource. Personally, I choose to keep these statues exclusively for glittering powder exchanges.

Dampyo Rare Blue Dragon Statue Exchange

To exchange your Rare Blue Dragon Statue, go to Bicheon Castle and Talk to Dampyo <Blue Dragon Craftsman>.

4. Noirsoul Herb Exchange

Another good alternative to earn glittering powder is using noirsoul herb. This herb can be farmed on the Secret Peak starting from the 3rd floor and higher, as well as on the common map beginning from the Snake Pit and above.

Noirsoul Herb Exchange to Glittering Powder

To exchange your Noirsoul Herb go to Arcadia Spirit Village (Bicheon Area) and talk to Lucky Cat Luckster.

Note: Always prioritize using your Noirsoul Herb in training your Solitude. Once you’ve completed that, you can then use any leftover Noirsoul Herb to acquire glittering powder.

5. Spacetime Shop

Spacetime Shop Glittering Powder

While you are hunting in Secret Peak and Magic Square you can get Ancient Coins. This coin can be used at the Spacetime shop to purchase various materials, including glittering powder.

6. Clan Shop

The Clan shop is a valuable resource for obtaining materials that can help advance your character. To access this shop, it’s important to support your clan by contributing to the upgrade of clan technology and donating materials such as copper, darksteel, and energy. By doing so, you can accumulate Clan Tokens which can be used to purchase materials from the Clan shop, including glittering powder.

Clan Shop Glittering Powder

If your clan shop is out of glittering powder, simply ask your Guild Leader or Clan Elders for some.

7. Domination Repeatable Quest

Domination Server Glittering Powder Quest

Doing repeatable missions on the domination server as you reach level 90 is also a good way to get a lot of glittering powder. Each completed quest yields 50 pieces of glittering powder, making it the ideal opportunity to utilize your repeatable missions.

Note: Avoid doing repeatable quests of glittering powder on normal maps because it only gives a little, it’s not worth the effort when compared to the Domination server.

8. Chest Hunting

An additional tip for hunting in the Snake pit area and beyond. Whenever you come across a rare-to-epic chest, be sure to open it as it often contains glittering powder, typically ranging from 1 to 10 pieces. Especially in areas such as the Secret Peak and Magic Square, where you can earn even more glittering powder.

Here’s how much Glittering Powder you can get per box. See the tables below for reference.

Epic Glittering Box
Epic Glittering Powder Box
Use to get one : 100 / 200 /400 Glittering Powder
Or 1000pcs Low Chance
rare glittering box
Rare Glittering Powder Box
Use to get one : 10 / 20 /40 Glittering Powder
Or 100pcs Low Chance

Clan Shop Glittering Box
100 pcs Glittering Powder
spacetime shop glittering box
Spacetime Shop Glittering Box
50 pcs Glittering Powder