MIR4 Darksteel Farming Guide 101 | Best ways to earn Darksteel in-game

A detailed guide to farming darksteel in Mir4 using four different methods.

Darksteel is one of the main resources players need in-game. As your character progresses, you will eventually need darksteel at some point. Crafting and upgrading your gears will require a large amount of darksteel.

Furthermore, did you know that you can earn cash by smelting darksteel for DRACO tokens? Draco is one of the cryptocurrencies you can earn thru playing MIR4. Aside from tokens you can also sell Darksteel in exchange for gold in the in-game market.

Here are 4 different ways to earn Darksteel in MIR4

1. Mining

Mining is still the popular source of darksteel for players to this day. This is also one of the driving force for players and clans to engage in PVP in order monopolize these said resources. Let us now discuss the obtain rate. Obtaining darksteel defers on the rarity of the nodes you are mining.

Another major factor is the map on which you will mine these darksteel nodes.

Darksteel IconsTypeDarksteel Obtain
common15 – 20
uncommon 20 – 25
rare30 – 40
epic80 – 100
legendary120 – 170

Note: This gain is without darksteel gain boost stats.

How to increase your darksteel gain?

  1. Upgrade your Conquest (Mine)
  2. Codex
  3. Spectrumite (level 85)
  4. Mystique (level 90)

Where to Mine darksteel?

There are several maps that let you mine darksteel, some obtain higher than others.

Magic Square has a darksteel chamber where you can mine darksteel more efficiently. Mining here is what I most recommend because the obtain rate is nearly double compared to any valley map. Furthermore, the respawn time of these nodes is much faster.

2. Secret Peak(Special Map)

Secret Peak is also one of the special maps that gives much decent obtain like in magic square. Although in secret peak you need to make an effort to locate each darksteel nodes that are scattered throughout the area.

3. Valley Maps

These valley maps are home to many darksteel nodes that you can mine depending on your character levels. The majority of these maps are owned by top clans that won in the valley war, but you can still mine in these areas. Keep in mind that clan valley holders are free to kill other players without getting penalty.

Mir4 Valley Map

Valley Maps level requirement in order to mine darksteel.

Valley MapLevel required
Bicheon Valley 1F30
Bicheon Valley 1F35
Bicheon Valley 1F40
Bicheon Valley 1F45
Snake Valley 1F60
Snake Valley 1F65
Snake Valley 1F70
Snake Valley 1F75
Redmoon Valley 1F80
Redmoon Valley 1F85
Redmoon Valley 1F90
Redmoon Valley 1F95

2. Crafting

You could also obtain darksteel by crafting in the magic square entrance. Visit Stray Specter <Special Material Merchant> to see what you can make with the materials you currently have. Crafting darksteel in Stray Specter requires SHARDS, these shards drop uniquely in the magic square across all chambers.

Stray Specter Magic Square

[E]Boundless Shard
[E]Lunar Shard
100,000 Darksteel

[R]Boundless Shard
[R]Lunar Shard
20,000 Darksteel

[UC]Boundless Shard
[UC]Lunar Shard
4,000 Darksteel

3. Daily Repeatable Quest

Completing quests is the quickest way to gain darksteel in-game. Simply select the darksteel as a quest reward, and you can begin auto-hunting while AFK. However, you are only limited to 30 daily repeatable quests.

Mir4 Daily Mission

4. Clan Rewards

One of my top recommendations for playing Mir4 is to join a clan. Joining a clan has many advantages, one of which is that you will be given clan gifts.  Clan reward keeps track and records all of your activities and gives you a corresponding reward as a member of a clan. One of these rewards is usually a large amount of darksteel, which I consider to be a passive source of darksteel.

Mir4 Clan rewards


This guide shows you every possible way to earn darksteel in Mir4. Knowing how and where to farm darksteel in these four key methods gives you an advantage and helps in your game progression.