Mir4 Beginners Leveling Guide from Level 1 – 90

The following guide will show you how to level up quickly, as well as map suggestions and loot guides in Mir4 Online.

This article is an in-depth leveling guide for players that have just started out playing mir4 in the very beginning. It’s based on my own experience as a player, and my rationale behind these recommendations comes from a year of playing Mir4 online.

Playing Mir4 can be confusing for beginners at times, especially because there are so many maps to choose from when leveling up. Many players I’ve observed in the game only stick to one map, which I do not recommend. Since each particular map has corresponding loot that is required for future character progression. These are some of the most common rookie mistakes I see in newcomers.

Mir4 also features an auto-combat system it allows players to automate their character’s combat action in certain situations. When players activate the auto-combat system, their character will automatically attack nearby enemies and use certain skills and abilities according to a pre-set sequence. This can be useful for players who want to grind or farm for resources.

Always recharge your vigor before you grind.

Before anything else, you should always remember to recharge your vigor. This will help you in acquiring more experience points.

Mir4 Vigor

Tips on how to increase your Vigor:

  1. Use vigor pill – reward upon completing the daily task
  2. Advancement Tonic – event daily log-in rewards, can also be crafted through NPC’s
  3. Spirit and Spirit Treasure – Acquire through spirit summoning and can be purchased daily at SHOP using copper coins.
  4. Equip Magic Stone of Growth – farmable at Magic Square
  5. Upgrade your codex
  6. Upgrade your Conquest (Tower of Quintessence)
  7. Solitude Training – unlocks at level 70
  8. Mystical Piece – can be purchased at the SHOP using darksteel
  9. Build a Guild Sanctuary at Labyrinth Map

Mir4 Best Leveling Spot and Its Location per level

Level 1 – 30

For absolute beginners just follow the main questline. It provides a clear path of objectives that will help you level up and gain new skills and equipment. You’ll reach level 30 in no time just doing the quest.

Completing side quests also provides additional experience points and rewards, so it’s worth doing so whenever possible.

After you’ve completed all of your daily tasks, you may look for a place to grind so that you can level up. Most of the time, you will also reach your character’s limit of abilities and thus be unable to complete the next quest. This implies that you must level up before attempting it again.

Here are my top picks of maps on where to AFK and grind experience.

My criteria for choosing this location are:

  1. The number of monsters on each plate and how close they are to each other.
  2. Respawn rate of the monster.
  3. Always avoid areas where there is a Unique Monster. Since you don’t want other players to interfere with your progress.
  4. And for the labyrinth pick the smaller room.

Level 30 – 45

Demon Bull Temple 1F

Demon Bull Temple 1F

Demon Bull Labyrinth 3F

Demon Bull Labyrinth 3F

Level 45 – 60

Snake Cave

Snake Cave Map

Snake Pit Labyrinth 2F

Snake Pit Labyrinth 2F

Level 60 – 70

Abandoned Mine 3F

Abandon Mine 3F Map

Level 70 – 80

[Elite] Secret Mine 2F

Elite Secret Mine 2F

Abandoned Mine Labyrinth 3F

Abandon Mine Labyrinth 3F Map

Level 80 – 90

Heaven’s Way Labyrinth 1F

Heaven's Way Labyrinth 1F Map

[Elite] Heaven’s Way Peak Mid Level

Elite Heaven's Way Peak Mid Level Map

Mir4 Constitution and inner force materials and where to hunt them.

These items are necessary for improving your Power Score and character stats.

Century Fruit
Century Fruit
Lesser Yang Pill
Lesser Yang Pill
Boss Raid and Raid Boss
Unihorn Slice
Unihorn Slice
Greater Yang Pill
Greater Yang Pill
Common and Elite Maps
Flower Oil
Flower Oil

Greater Yin Pill
Labyrinth and Valley Maps
Lesser Yin Pill
Lesser Yin Pill
Magic Square and Secret Peak

Where can I level fast in Mir4?

Magic Square and Secret Peak provide by far the most experience of any map in the world of Mir4. Since all of this is considered a special map, one major drawback of such maps is that they are time limited.

What is the difference between Mir4’s Common and Elite maps?

The difference between a common and an elite map in Mir4 is that the elite maps are more challenging and more difficult to win than the common ones. However, the elite version of these maps tends to drop more rewards and more experience gain.

Best Strategies to Level up in Mir4

  1. Always use consumables like Vigor pills and advancement potions that increase your vigor stats, which in turn increases your experience. Make it a habit to check your vigor before you go AFK so that you can use these consumables if necessary.
  2. Look for spirits with experience bonuses that can help you level up faster. Check the stats of the spirits you are considering and choose one with the highest experience bonus. And upgrade them with spirit treasure that has an experience boost.
  3.  Each map in Mir4 has different drops for the constitution and inner force upgrades. Research which map drops the specific promotion you need and focus on grinding there. Also, make sure the map is appropriate for your level, or 5 to 10 levels below so that you don’t waste time getting defeated by stronger enemies.
  4. One Pro tip is to diversify your hunting ground. First, always prioritize special maps such as Magic Square and Secret Peak. Then go for Labyrinth and Elite maps to AFK.