Magic Square Detailed Guide | Mir4

This guide provides you with a comprehensive and detailed guide for farming, leveling, respawn time of bosses, and other resources you can hunt inside the Magic Square map.

Magic Square is a special map with a great source of experience, crafting materials, Darksteel, boss hunting and etc. This map will be available after you reach Hidden Labyrinth Discovered on your main quest. Traveling each room has random chances, you need to click the portal multiple times to reach the chamber you desired to go to.

The majority of the map is PVP zones, although there are some non-pvp chambers you can grind and farm safely . You only have 30 minutes per ticket, and most of the monsters residing in each chamber are aggressive, so choose the floor that you can easily eliminate. These are the things you should consider before entering.

Magic Square has different floors to access depending on your character’s entry power score.

Magic Square FloorPower ScoreMonster Level
1F9,60020 – 35
2F26,00040 – 55
3F39,00055 – 70
4F47,10070 – 85
5F52,70070 – 85
6F66,30085 – 100
7F105,000115 – 130
8F112,400130 – 145
9F140,800145 – 160
Magic Square Entry’s Power Score Requirement

You have 2 default free daily entries and plus 1 entry if you reach level 6 Millennial Tree Conquest.

There are other ways to extend your magic square entries, just tap the recharge button. You can use gold or magic square tickets.

The daily free entry counter will reset daily depending on your based server time.

  1. ASIA (UTC+8) 12:00 am
  2. INMENA (UTC+6) 10:00 pm
  3. EU (UTC+2) 06:00 pm
  4. SA (UTC-3) 01:00 pm
  5. NA (UTC-4) 12:00 pm

Upon entering you will be greeted by 5 NPCs at the entrance, where you can exchange different kinds of SHARDS from uncommon to epic, that you looted and gained across all chambers inside the magic square map.

Magic Square Entrance

Tip: For some reason, if you want to return to the entrance to purchase potions or to craft exchange the fastest way just click the UNSTUCK button, and you will be teleported back to the entrance.

Magic square drops ancient coins a currency used to purchase various items on space time shop.

Mir4 Spacetime Shop

Experience Chambers

⦁ Experience defers on levels of chambers you grind. Magic square gives you almost double the experience compare to normal maps outside.
⦁ If you plan on AFK experience grinding Training Chambers are the best spot. Although it has less experience compared to Experience Chambers and Anti-Demon Chambers.

ChamberPVP State
Experience Chamber IPVP Zone
Experience Chamber IIPVP Zone
Experience Chamber IIIPVP Zone
Training Chamber IPVP Disable
Training Chamber IIPVP Disable
Antidemon Chamber
-6F and Above
PVP Zone

Gold Silver and White Silver Chambers

⦁ Great source of Silver coins that can be sold for gold in the game market.
⦁ Drops copper coins much higher than all maps.

ChambersPVP State
Gold Chamber IPVP Zone
Gold Chamber IIPVP Zone
Gold Chamber IIIPVP Zone
White Silver Chamber IPVP Disabled
White Silver Chamber IIPVP Disabled

Magic Stone Chambers

⦁ Drops various kinds of magic stones with a low chance to gain rare stones.
⦁ And a great source of experience too, comparable to Training chambers 1.

ChamberPVP State
Magic Stone Chamber IPVP Zone
Magic Stone Chamber IIPVP Zone
Magic Stone Chamber IIIPVP Zone

Mining, Gathering, Energy, and Darksteel Chambers

⦁ Energy and gathering along with dark steel are essential to further upgrade your constitutions and inner force.
⦁ All these Chamber is open PVP, most of the players are fighting to monopolize the said resources, and it is impossible to avoid PVP with other players. Because there are only limited resources of minerals, especially dark steel and the respawn takes a long time.

ChamberPVP StateRespawn Time
Mining ChamberPVP ZoneRare / Blue = 5 minutes
Epic / Red = 15 minutes
Legendary / Yellow = 30 minutes
Energy ChamberPVP ZoneRare / Blue = 5 minutes
Epic / Red = 15 minutes
Legendary / Yellow = 30 minutes
Gathering ChamberPVP ZoneRare / Blue = 5 minutes
Epic / Red = 15 minutes
Legendary / Yellow = 30 minutes
Darksteel ChamberPVP ZoneRare / Blue = 5 minutes
Epic / Red = 15 minutes
Legendary / Yellow = 30 minutes

Chest Hunting and Respawn Time

⦁ Chest hunting is a great farming method as passed along each chamber, you can gain a handful of rare to epic materials just by opening them.
⦁ Chest boxes are luck based, make sure you have a higher lucky drop chance stat to gain many more useful items.

ChamberPVP StateRespawn Time
Treasure ChamberPVP ZoneRed – 30 minutes
Blue – 15 minutes
Green – 5 minutes
Cooperation ChamberPVP Zone15 – minutes
Protection ChamberPVP Zone15 – 20 minutes
Sealing ChamberPVP Zone30 minutes
Entrance ChamberPVP Disabled30 minutes

Boss Hunting and Respawn Time

⦁ There are only 3 major bosses inside the magic square, which drops materials and gears from rare to legendary.
⦁ Form a party and hunt down bosses with your friends and guild mates, these are fun and awesome activities you can enjoy.

ChamberPVP StateRespawn Time
Demon’s ChamberPVP Zone5 minutes
Leader’s Chamber IPVP Zone30 minutes after taken down
Leader’s Chamber IIPVP Zone1 hour after taken down
Leader’s Chamber IIIPVP Zone0:00, 03:00, 06:00, 09:00
12:00, 15:00, 18:00, 21:00


Magic Square is a special map that you don’t want to miss as a daily activity while playing mir4, whether you plan to farm or experience grinding. The majority of players go to Darksteel Chamber and boss hunting. Knowing all respawn times on each boss, chest, mining, and other resources gives you a high advantage over other players. And plan ahead before you enter because you only have limited time.