How to Unlock Northern Profound Art | Mir4 Inner Force

A Quick and Easy-to-Follow Guide on how to Unlock Northern Profound Art in Mir4 Online.

In this guide, I will teach you what you need to know in order to unlock the Northern Profound Art in Inner Force. The Northern Profound Art has two volume requirements that you need to fulfill before you can unlock it.

Our main objective is to complete two request missions at the Mid Level of Heaven’s Way Peak, known as “The World of the Blind 1” and “The World of the Blind 2.”

The World of the Blind 1

To obtain Volume 1, you must complete the request called “The World of the Blind.” If you are not eligible for this request, it means you need to first finish the prerequisite quest named “Rumor’s Truth” (Field Mission).


  • Rumor’s Truth (Find the Blind Warrior)
    • Heaven’s Way Peak Mid Level (Field Mission)

For those who are qualified, you can obtain the quest from Mugon <Blind Martial Artist> at Heaven’s Way Peak Mid-Level.

Here is where you can find Mugon.

Heaven's Way Mid Peak Level Mugon Location

Once you have received the request, find the hidden treasure chest and open it in the Emei Sect’s Secret Hermitage map. The treasure chest resembles an Epic Chest.

If you forgot how to reach the Emei Sect, here’s a quick navigation guide:

Global Map > Spiritual Center Area > Redmoon Mountain > Emei Sect’s Hermitage.

Treasure Chest Location in Emei Sect’s Secret Hermitage.

Emei Sect's Secret Hermitage Treasure Location

The World of the Blind 2

After completing Part 1, return to Mugon for Part 2 of the request mission. Speak to him again to receive the second part of the request.

Clue: You need to retrieve tomes from the Foul Blooded Vestal at Secret Peak 4F.

Now, this is the challenging part of the request, as your task is to hunt down the main boss of Secret Peak 4F, the Foul Blooded Vestal. Keep in mind that Secret Peak Map is a PvP zone, and many players enter primary to hunt bosses. Expect some PvP encounters while completing this quest.

To complete this quest more efficiently, consider the following strategies:

  1. Seek assistance from guild mates or friends who have higher levels than you. They can help you defeat the boss more quickly.
  2. If you plan to tackle it alone, choose a respawn time when you believe you will be the only one hunting the boss. This way, you can defeat it without competition from other players.
Secret Peak 4F Foul Blooded Vestal Location

Secret Peak 4F Foul Blooded Vestal Boss Spawn Time:

  • 01:00, 04:00, 07:00, 10:00
  • 13:00, 16:00, 19:00, 22:00

Northern Profound Art Stats:

  1. Silence Success Boost
  2. Silence Resistance Boost
  3. Knockdown Success Boost
  4. Knockdown Resistance Boost