Best Way to Earn Gold Fast in Mir4

Are you tired of being broke in Mir4 Online? Want to know the best ways to farm gold in the game? Look no further! In this guide, we'll cover some of the most effective methods for earning gold in Mir4 Online.

Mir4 is an exciting game with plenty of currency features that offer various use cases. Copper, for example, is used to purchase goods at NPC shops like potions and upgrading materials. On the other hand, some currencies are designed for special shops such as Spacetime shop, where players can purchase skills and magic stones. However, if you’re looking to access the market feature of Mir4, you’ll need to use gold for that.

Gold is the primary currency used to buy and sell goods with other players in Mir4. Since Mir4 doesn’t allow direct trading between players, the market is the only way to trade goods with other players. However, purchasing gold using real money is a great option for players who want to invest in the game. For those who prefer not to spend money or you are just a casual spender whose looking for other possible ways to earn gold. There are alternative methods for earning gold in Mir4.

In this blog, we will explore some tips and tricks for farming gold in Mir4 Online. Whether you’re an experienced player wanting to refresh your knowledge or a newcomer to this game. Here are several ways to earn gold without using real money.

1. Selling Tradable Materials in the Market

Selling tradable materials in the market is another way to earn gold in Mir4 Online. Players can sell materials such as Steel, platinum, and other materials, which are used to craft items. It’s essential to check the market regularly to identify which materials are in high demand and sell for a good price.

How to identify the tradable to non-tradable items?

Tradable vs Non-tradable item

One way to recognize which items are tradeable is by looking for a mark located on the top left corner of the item.

2. Upgrading Tradable Items

Upgraded tradable item sample sold in the market Mir4

Another way to earn gold in Mir4 Online is by upgrading tradable items. You can upgrade weapons, armor, and accessories to make them more powerful and valuable. Upgraded items sell for a higher price in the market, providing you with more gold. However, upgrading requires additional resources like darksteel and upgrading stones, so make sure you have enough before starting the process.

3. Darksteel Farming

Darksteel is an important material in Mir4 for crafting and upgrading items. Because these tasks necessarily require a significant amount of darksteel, it is one of the most sought-after materials on the in-game market. As a result, farming darksteel to obtain gold is a wise decision, as it is one of the most popular and valuable resources available.

To farm darksteel you need to be at least level 80 to craft darksteel box.

There are various ways you can farm Darksteel through Mining, repeatable quest, and crafting in Magic Square.

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Darksteel Crafting

After you accumulate enough Darksteel you can visit Mu Younggaek<Darksteel Exchanger> at Bicheon Castle. Then you can purchase Wrapped Rare Darksteel for 110k Darksteel or Wrapped Epic Darksteel box for 1.1 million Darksteel.

4. Ore Mining, Energy and Herb Gathering

Gathering and Mining is a great way to earn gold in Mir4 Online. You can gather resources such as Herbs, Ore Minerals, and Energy, and sell them in the market. Gather resources that are in high demand, and you can earn a decent amount of gold.

This technique is ideal for players who wish to farm resources while away from their keyboard (AFK). I personally utilize this strategy when I am occupied with other tasks and wish to earn additional gold in-game simultaneously. Don’t forget to equip the appropriate set of spirit decks with gathering and mining boosts to optimize your farming efficiency. This will reduce the time it takes to gather and mine resources, allowing you to farm more efficiently.

Ore Mining

Just sell all the tradable materials that you mine directly or you could also invest and craft them into more valuable ranks(Rare>Epic>Legendary).

Energy Gathering

To sell energy in the market you need to craft it first talk to Gwon Chuyoung<Craftsman> at Bicheon Castle

Energy Crafting Mir4

Here’s what you need:

  1. 10 Gold for Packaging Box(SHOP)
  2. 100K energy for Wrapped Rare Energy Box
  3. 1 million Energy for Wrapped Epic Energy Box

Herb Gathering

My technique here is to use all the non-tradable herbs that you gather and sell all the tradable ones.

5. Codex Materials

Codex gear is highly sought after by players who are looking to increase their Power Score (PS).

To get started, you just need to craft a Codex Gear, which you looted in all common maps. Once you have it, you can sell any tradable you acquire in the market or try to gamble and upgrade them to increase your gold earnings.

Codex Gear sample sale Mir4

It’s important to keep in mind that upgrading Codex gear is a gamble, and there is no guaranteed safe upgrade. Even a simple upgrade like +1 could fail and end up destroying the item. However, if you successfully upgrade it from +2 onwards, it can fetch a great value if you decide to sell it in the market.

6. Farming Old Silver

Old Silver farming is an excellent method for new players to earn gold, and you can start doing it as soon as you reach level 30 and gain access to Magic Square.

Old Silver Sample sale Mir4

Here’s how it works: once you’re in Magic Square, head over to either the Gold or Silver chambers. To maximize your chances of getting drops, make sure you equip a spirit that has drop-increased stats and use an enhanced drop spirit treasure. Then, simply farm as much as you can. Personally, I prefer to sell the old silver I gather in bulk (1000 pieces at a time) to lower my tax rate.

“Please note that the value of old silver may fluctuate depending on the specific server you are playing on.”


There are numerous ways to earn gold in Mir4, and these are some of the methods I personally use to farm gold in-game.

Gathering and mining are excellent options for AFK players looking to earn gold while doing other things.

However, if you want to take some risks and potentially earn more gold, you can always craft and upgrade then sell all tradable material that you obtain, such as codex gear, armor, accessories and etc.

Finally, if you’re just starting out as a beginner and looking for a good way to farm gold, you could try farming old silver at the magic square.