16 Ways How to Increase Your Power Score in Mir4

Here are several steps on how to increase your Power Score. From Crafting, enhancement, enchantment, spirits, and many more. Following these steps will help you improve and progress further in your Mir4 gameplay.

In Mir4, Power Score and Character Level are two distinct measures that determine a player’s strength and progress in the game. Character Level refers to your character’s actual level, which rises as you gain experience points by completing quests and defeating monster enemies. Power Score, on the other hand, is like a metric system to measure your overall strength.

A player with a high-level character but a low power score may find themselves limited in their ability to progress through the game, due to power score requirements for certain areas like the higher floor of the magic square, secret peak, and other content that requires a certain amount of character’s power score.

Are you one of those players struggling to increase your power score or don’t know where to start?

In this article, we’ll explore all proven methods to increase your power score in Mir4. From equipment crafting and enchanting to mystical pieces and magic stones, we’ll cover everything you need to know to take your character to the next level.

1. Character level

Same with other games, Mir4 also rewards you with a corresponding power score as you level up. This is the easiest task you can do; it is given that you need to level up in any MMORPG game. By consistently leveling up your character, you can unlock new skills and other content of the game.

2. Equipment crafting

Mir4 Gear Crafting

Crafting new gear for your character is an essential aspect of most MMORPG games, mir4 also has a crafting system that lets you craft for a higher gear. It significantly increases your power level as you equip higher gears. Therefore, dedicating your time to farm resources is a worthwhile investment.

3. Gear Enhancement

Mir4 Enhancement

Enhancing your gear is another great way to increase your power score. Each enhancement success not only boosts your power score but also elevates the stats of your gear.

It’s important to remember that upgrading your gear to +5 is the recommended and safe option. Any upgrades beyond that come with a risk of failure and the possibility of losing your item. Unless you use Mystic Enhancement stone.

4. Gear Enchantment

Mir4 Enchant

Enchanting lets you add additional stats to your gear. This way you can build your char according to your preferred playstyle. There are a hundred stat combinations you can build your gears. However, this requires a ton of darksteel and Enchant scroll.

5. Codex

Mir4 Codex

Codex is a collection of passive stats that may help you increase the Power Score of your character. Always check your codex info before attempting to combine, sell, or throw all the extra items you loot. And make sure to prioritize major stats such as a physical attack, spell attack, defense, accuracy, and crit boost.

6. Spirit and Spirit Treasure

Mir4 Spirit

Spirit summoning is another way of increasing your power score. Mir4 has tons of spirit to choose from some are good for gathering, others will help you improve your character stats in battle as you use them. Not only that you could also upgrade them with spirit treasure to provide more stats.

7. Constitution upgrade

Mir4 Constitution

Your constitution is where your primary stats, including EVA, HP, defense, and attack, are located. These stats are essential to your build and it’s important to upgrade them as much as possible. Upgrading your constitution should be a priority in order to improve your PS.

8. Inner Force upgrade

Mir4 Inner Force

Inner force is another section of your stats along with the constitution. Inner force mainly requires pills that you can loot at various maps in the game. Be sure to periodically check if any upgrades are available.

9. Solitude Training

Mir4 Solitude training

After you reach level 70 you can now unlock the Solitude Training, unlike constitution and inner force, Solitude provides a range of stats that can be improved by using Noirsoul Herb. However, there is a small possibility that the upgrade may fail and result in a demotion of your upgrade tier.

10. Skills

Mir4 Arbalist Skills

Each time you perform a skill upgrade your PS also increases. Prioritize on awakening your skills from rare > epic > legendary.

11. Magic Stone

Mir4 Epic Magic Stone of Destruction

Magic stones provide powerful bonuses that can significantly increase your power score. However, collecting magic stones takes a lot of time and luck, you have to spend a decent amount of time farming this at Magic Square. Always equip the better option you got.

12. Conquest

Mir4 Conquest

Conquest is also a great way to increase your power score. Following all the necessary quests and requirements to upgrade all your conquest gives you other benefits also not just power score but other useful stats.

13. Join a Clan

Mir4 Clan level

Joining a clan gives you a decent amount of power score boost. The Clan PS amount depends on the clan tech development progress levels.  So it’s better to join a clan that has a higher level of clan tech and clan level.

14. Mystical Piece

Mir4 Mystical Piece

Mystical Piece is a valuable item that can be obtained through a high-level quest or you could purchase this at the SHOP using Darksteel. Moreover, you could equip multiple Mystical Piece by upgrading your Tower of Victory(Conquest).

15. Mystique

Mir4 Mystique

Mystique is another branch of conquest that has a plethora of stats you can choose from. After reaching level 90 this will be available to you.

16. Dragon Artifact

Mir4 Rare Artifact Crafting

Crafting artifacts by far the most challenging task for me. It took me a month to craft my first artifact, because of the complexity of the materials needed in crafting an artifact. I spend a lot of mining and gathering just to gather all the resources I need.


Improving your power score in Mir4 is essential for success in the game. Remember to invest time and resources wisely. Happy gaming!